Muzycznie /7/ for english speakers!

Hey there!

So I guess this is going to be first english post. Hopefully not the last.

There’s one reason why it is going to be so. It is because I want to share with you some great Polish music. Polish music which you would never know that it is Polish, if nobody have told to you.

I will start with a band called Dick 4 Dick. Nice, right?
They will tell you why Love is Dangerous (as the name shows they know something about it) and they will show it to you in Warsaw, my home town, where video clip was recorded.

This lady started her career in Germany. She is getting famous without forgeting her roots. Video was recorded as well in Poland. Feels so great that I don’t need to translate what they are singing about because you can perfectly understand!

Then I want to introduce this young couple to you. He is taking care of the instrument side, while she is singing, in my opinion in a lovely way. I really do enjoy this song, hope you will do the same as well.

Let’s stay with the calm vibes and meet Fismoll. Cup of tea, candles, night… got it? Yes? Just enjoy and Play Bird’s

Town of strangers has got something scary, interesting in it. Something strange. Definately something that keeps your attention…

For the end we will have something which still refer to all of us, still. To the thing we have got and with the show that goes on, we will loose it- Yout.

Hope you did enjoy some new music. Maybe I will prepare next part with Polish lyrics?

Have a great time and a lot of smile!

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